• Nextopia Navigation paid for itself in less than 30 days. Conversion increased 20% and average order value rose 7%. Nextopia is a no-brainer and has probably delivered the largest and fastest ROI of everything we've done since 1998.
    Doug SmithVP of Business Development,
  • Immediately after going live with the Nextopia search, search to exit rate dropped from 100% to around 30%. After about a week of dialing in the settings and working with Nextopia's developers on the results listings, the [search to exit] rate dropped to around 15%.
  • This is my second website in which I've incorporated Nextopia's search engine. I intentionally sought them out this time as its use has made a demonstrable impact in conversions as our customers can find what they need. I love that I can create redirects, ads and custom searches.
    Lori ApplemanDirector of eCommerce,
  • I can't recommend Nextopia enough. We found the standard search solution with Magento, just didn't do the job. 10% of our sales now come through the internal search, which helps with upsell and customer experience.
    Sam Taylorowner,
  • The search on our existing shopping cart was very inaccurate and very "basic". Nextopia allows us to micromanage the search results through a product feed and the many search tools Nextopia offers. There is no better search platform on the market today.
    Afshin YaghtinCEO,
  • [With Nextopia] we get a daily report of all the search phrases that our customers are using. We wereseeing search phrases for products that we don't even have, and its helped us identify products that we need to get on our stores. We have actually brought product in and have been selling it as a result of seeing these unfilfilled keyword searches.
    Jeff VaughanPresident,
  • Integrating Nextopia into our website was one of the best decisions I've made in recent years. The ability to push certain products to the top of your search results, based upon designated search terms and criteria cant' be overstated. Nextopia will increase your conversion rate.
    Michael EldridgePresident,
  • The implementation was so painless and worked extremely reliably. Since we moved to Nextopia, our site search revenue has grown nicely. The service is exceptionally priced and we're using the $10-12,000 per year we're saving with Nextopia to improve other areas of our business.
    Patrick GillMarketing & eCommerce,
  • Our account rep, Michael Daley, continually goes the extra mile to help make sure we are happy with Nextopia's service. And if you knew how obnoxious some of my requests can be, then you would have a better idea just how remarkable his customer service has been.
    Jason KingInternet Marketing Manager,
  • They've been very attentive to us in terms of any technical issues we raised, and we found it's been a lot easier to work with them than other companies in the space.
    Kevin HickeyCEO,
  • The prime reason that we selected Nextopia as a partner in providing search solutions was customer service. I know that I can pick up the phone or drop an email to Nextopia and get a response, no matter how trivial the question, in mintues.
    Annette FowlerProject Manager,,
  • Chris from Nextopia and his team have been very responsive throughout the process. Not only are their services great; their team works hard to answer questions and work through custom solutions. Great company to have on your team!
    AshleyeCommerce Manager,

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